Tech Tip Tuesday

Happy Tech Tip Tuesday,

I hope your week is going well and you’re wrapping some things up for a much deserved holiday break.

I wanted to pick something quick that you could explore and not have to dig deep into over break.

So HERE it is…

Pechaflickr! Can you improv a coherent presentation from images you have never seen?

Enter a tag, press play, and see how well you can communicate a coherent message illustrated by 20 random photos, each one on screen for 20 seconds. Advanced options let you change the number of images and/or the timing. HERE is the url, check it out.

I thought this would be something practical that you could incorporate into your class and can give you some great results and possibly a couple of laughs. It could be used as a pre-lesson assignment, review, or post lesson, having the students present what they know on the topic using images. The images are found from flickr, so it is a random selection, if you don’t feel comfortable with this try creating your own.

To make your own try using Google Presentation ( share with editing rights) and have the students find a picture that represents the unit you are talking about (1 picture per slide) and then randomly draw numbers to see who presents on what slide.

Here are some randoms I thought I would share!

  • Mac Knowledge!

Capturing pictures using Macbook!

Command Shift f4 (Select)

Command Shift f5 – Whole Page

  • If you liked Checker Plus for Google Calendar check out Checker Plus for Email – this is an extension for email.

  • The SDMA is launching an #iSeeMathSDMA campaign in an attempt to highlight the math all around us. Join us in tweeting a picture of math in your world. Remember to include #iSeeMathSDMA in your tweet!

Looking for some OnDemand PD check out the Education on Air sessions HERE!

Have a great break!


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