Happy Tech Tip Tuesday- QR CODES

Happy Tech Tip Tuesday!

Hope you’re having a great week and remembered your boots today. This week’s tip is all about QR Codes, I really feel like the possibilities are endless and we can do some really fun and educational things with them.

QR Codes are evolving around us in so many industries and it’s a great way to get information or share it.

I have linked some resources for you to look through of ways you can put QR Codes into your classroom or building.

HERE is a General Presentation on the fundamentals of QR Codes for you to check out.

If added some additional resources links that I found for ideas of how to use them in education.

Examples of ways to use QR Codes

40 Great ways to use QR Codes in Education

QR Codes in the Classroom

Also…. I heard the list of 25 Things Turning 25 years old in 2017 his on the radio this morning on my way to work and thought I would share!  Click HERE for the whole article.

The Text Message is one of them!

On December 3, 1992, 22-year-old engineer Neil Papworth sent the first text message over a cellular network. He used a computer connected to the Vodafone GSM network to send the message to Vodafone director Richard Jarvis’s Orbitel 901 mobile phone (which was gigantic, but technically “mobile” by 1992 standards). The message read: “Merry Christmas.” Why the early Christmas greeting? Jarvis was at a Christmas party at the time.

I found some great resources and compiled them throughout the article. I didn’t create everything and give credit to all the wonderful tools that have been created by other people!

Have a great rest of your week!



Tech Tip Tuesday

Happy Tech Tip Tuesday,

It’s hard to believe we are already in the middle of November, it never seizes to amaze me how time flies.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite tools & updates that might be helpful for you.

Extensions to check out:

TabCloud allows tabbed browsing addicts to easily save and import their open tabs across desktops.

Google Docs Quick Create adds a simple menu to your browser bar to quickly create new Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Forms, and Drawings for Google Drive.

Screencastify is the easiest way to Record, Edit, Annotate, Store, and Share video screen recordings. Record a specific tab, or your whole desktop at the click of a button.

Hashtags to Check out:

#MWGS– This is for the Midwest Google Summit happening right now, there are some amazing ideas and knowledge to gain from this hashtag, Even if you don’t get to it while the conference is going I recommend going back through them as they are archived.

#Googleform – Check this out if you are looking for great ways to implement forms in your classroom or learn about new features.

GSuite Updates to check out: ( Google updated their name)

Google Docs now offers columns – go to Format than Column.

Google Forms offers pictures for multiple choice selection as well as self-grading quizzes built with-in.

Google Sites  New layout/Designs are coming around the end of November. They have updated the Sites to make them more user-friendly and visually appealing. COMING SOON!

Have a great day!



Tech Tip Tuesday – Google Keep

Happy Tech Tip Tuesday,

Google Keep is a tool that I use on a daily basis and helps keep me organized. It could be considered a digital Post-it but in my opinion, can do so much, and is never left stuck at  my desk when I need it.

Here are some of the reasons why it is great and can be utilized in so many ways;

  1. Collaborate with others on to-do lists

  2. Organize Life

  3. Notes can be transferred to a Google Doc with one click

  4. Quick and easy

  5. Can access notes from multiple devices

  6. Reminders

  7. Voice and picture note

  8. Color Coded

Try it out! HERE is an article with some more information.

Here is a link for you to log in and gain access. Enjoy!

Here are some #HASHTAGS to check out! Link for more – HERE.

#GoogleMath – Applying Technology into the Math Classroom

#edtech – Applying technology into the classroom

#teacherhumor – For when you need a good laugh

Have a great day and don’t forget to #vote!  


Smart Board Tips!

As I am trying to figure out my bag of tricks and tools to help the teacher’s in my district I have found some amazing resources. So many people are out there supporting the same concepts that I am and have some great resources. I always say… Work SMARTER not HARADER.

So here are some awesome tips that I found for getting started with Smart software.

Check out Mrs. Beattie’s Classroom Blog.  Her Article on Making the Most of your Smart Board is a great read.



Image from Mrs.Beattie’s Classroom.


Joined the Whole 30 group for the second time, my first time I had great results and am ready to do it again. The exploration of recipes is one of my favorite things. Transforming of original recipes to Whole recipes is  a passion as well.

Today’s Meal Plan!


Breakfast- Egg Cup/Coffee

Snack- Apple w/ Almonds

Lunch- Chicken Blueberry balsamic spinach salad ( BB,O,C,GO,Cucs,F,C,C) 

Snack- Cherry Tomatoes

Dinner- Grilled Chicken breasts with Sauteed Onions and Mushrooms served with Steamed Broccoli 

Work Out- Leg Day!