Google Keep, Check it out!


Google keep is a list maker’s dream, from your to-do’s to grocery lists, Google Keep can do it all. There are so many great reasons to utilize this but for me, it simply is organization and simplicity. I can sync my lists on multiple devices or share with a friend. I no longer leave my important note attached to my desk at work, it can be accessed anywhere.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s my favorite and why you should utilize this in your life.

  1. Collaborate with others on to-do lists

  2. Organize Life

  3. Notes can be transferred to a Google Doc with one click

  4. Quick and easy 

  5. Can access notes from multiple devices

  6. Reminders

  7. Voice and picture note

  8. Color Coded

My favorite thing about Google Keep is my app on my iPhone. I can type up my grocery list on my computer and pull it up on my cell phone at the grocery store. With having the app on my phone it automatically syncs to my computer or other devices, this is great when you find an article online or quote on Facebook that you want. You can copy the quote or article and open up the Keep app, paste it in and it automatically syncs to your computer. You no longer have to email the link or log back in under a different account. I have also utilized this as an agenda list for different meetings, we all collaborate on the single note, it is easy to update and gives us a go-to agenda for our meeting.

If you’re a Post-it note lover, you will be a big fan of Google Keep! Check it out for yourself.



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Smart Board Tips!

As I am trying to figure out my bag of tricks and tools to help the teacher’s in my district I have found some amazing resources. So many people are out there supporting the same concepts that I am and have some great resources. I always say… Work SMARTER not HARADER.

So here are some awesome tips that I found for getting started with Smart software.

Check out Mrs. Beattie’s Classroom Blog.  Her Article on Making the Most of your Smart Board is a great read.



Image from Mrs.Beattie’s Classroom.


Joined the Whole 30 group for the second time, my first time I had great results and am ready to do it again. The exploration of recipes is one of my favorite things. Transforming of original recipes to Whole recipes is  a passion as well.

Today’s Meal Plan!


Breakfast- Egg Cup/Coffee

Snack- Apple w/ Almonds

Lunch- Chicken Blueberry balsamic spinach salad ( BB,O,C,GO,Cucs,F,C,C) 

Snack- Cherry Tomatoes

Dinner- Grilled Chicken breasts with Sauteed Onions and Mushrooms served with Steamed Broccoli 

Work Out- Leg Day!