Tech Tip Tuesday

Happy Tech Tip Tuesday,

Hope you had a great break and got to spend quality time doing what you love.

Google Sites are on the 17 Things Teachers Should Try in 2017 list along with 16 other things, this article has some great ideas for you to explore and possibly implement into your classroom. The article is from the Shake Up Learning blog by Kasey Bell, she does a great job of exploring new and old technology.

I have been doing a lot of work on Google sites and thought I would get you some more resources for you to utilize.

10 Reasons to use Google Sites with your Students

  • Google Sites is easy to use and has a student-friendly interface.

  • You can set up your website within minutes without the need for any HMTL or CSS knowledge.

  • It provides highly customizable themes that you can easily apply to your site.

  • It is integrated with some other Google services like Google Calendar.

  • Google Sites has a wonderful web-based editor that allows you to easily create, edit and share your content.

  • It provides a set of collaborative features including multiple editors and commenting.

  • Inserting images, videos, and other multimedia materials is ridiculously easy.

  • It provides a modest cloud storage capacity for you to upload documents, files, attachments, and PDFs.

  • And it is FREE.

For the full article click HERE.

HERE is a great tutorial video for the new Google Sites.

Have a great day!



Tech Tip Tuesday

Happy Tech Tip Tuesday,

I hope your week is going well and you’re wrapping some things up for a much deserved holiday break.

I wanted to pick something quick that you could explore and not have to dig deep into over break.

So HERE it is…

Pechaflickr! Can you improv a coherent presentation from images you have never seen?

Enter a tag, press play, and see how well you can communicate a coherent message illustrated by 20 random photos, each one on screen for 20 seconds. Advanced options let you change the number of images and/or the timing. HERE is the url, check it out.

I thought this would be something practical that you could incorporate into your class and can give you some great results and possibly a couple of laughs. It could be used as a pre-lesson assignment, review, or post lesson, having the students present what they know on the topic using images. The images are found from flickr, so it is a random selection, if you don’t feel comfortable with this try creating your own.

To make your own try using Google Presentation ( share with editing rights) and have the students find a picture that represents the unit you are talking about (1 picture per slide) and then randomly draw numbers to see who presents on what slide.

Here are some randoms I thought I would share!

  • Mac Knowledge!

Capturing pictures using Macbook!

Command Shift f4 (Select)

Command Shift f5 – Whole Page

  • If you liked Checker Plus for Google Calendar check out Checker Plus for Email – this is an extension for email.

  • The SDMA is launching an #iSeeMathSDMA campaign in an attempt to highlight the math all around us. Join us in tweeting a picture of math in your world. Remember to include #iSeeMathSDMA in your tweet!

Looking for some OnDemand PD check out the Education on Air sessions HERE!

Have a great break!

Tech Tip Tuesday

Happy Tech Tip Tuesday,

Hope your week is going great!

I wanted to explore Google Classroom a little more and created a class for you all to join, so you can see it from a different point of view.

Note: You should see an additional email from me about joining my Google Class. ( Read After this EMAIL)

If you are not already set up in Google Classroom go to this link – Google Classroom

  • On the bottom right-hand corner, here is an option to sign in as a Student or a Teacher – select TEACHER. It will log you in as it is associated with your Google account already.

Once logged in it will give you a dashboard, if you have classes they will show up already if not there is a PLUS sign up by your username in the top right-hand corner. Go here and you can Join Class or Create Class.

To Join The Class

  • Option 1- Click on the email that I sent ( Similar time) this will get you right into the class. ( THIS works well if you have everyone’s email linked together such as… all_staff or you have a group with your class set up already.) Otherwise, this is a lot of work to individually invite each student to your class and time consuming.
  • Option 2- On your DASHBOARD click the + and Join Class, type in w2wbiq as the class code. This should send you right to our class page.

I have posted a question there for you to play with, you can answer and respond to others, just know that everyone in the class can see.

Blog Post’s/ Articles-

Differentiation with Google Classroom

Google Classroom the Why and How  

Have a great day and let me know if there is anything I can help with!


Tech Tip Tuesday

Happy Tech Tip Tuesday,

Hope you have some great things planned for the rest of the week! I have been working with some of our staff on flipping classrooms, student recordings and other recordings so thought I would send out some information for everyone.

I like to utilize Screencastify because it works well on Chromebooks. It is an extension you will need to add. HERE is the link to the extension to add to your Chrome browser.

I found a video on Screencastify and Google Sides that gives you step by step instructions of how to utilize the Screencastify extension.  HERE it is.

Ways to utilize this into your classroom

  1. Record your presentations while presenting in class so students could go back and view or if they are absent.

  2. Have students record themselves presenting their presentations or topics.

  3. Record morning message if you are going to be absent. (Sub Plans)

  4. Make Lesson Recap Videos ( students & Teachers)

  5. News Cast

  6. Moving Paper or Digital Manipulatives

  7. Whiteboard explainer

  8. Audio Assignments

  9. Verbal Feedback – Record feedback for students

  10. Instructional Videos

HERE is my go at Screencastify for some updates on Google Forms, check it out. It’s very user-friendly and easy to use.  This video is not perfect by any means and I recorded 10 before I was okay with the actual video but it is a great tool and definitely worth learning more about.

Have a great holiday break!


Google Keep, Check it out!


Google keep is a list maker’s dream, from your to-do’s to grocery lists, Google Keep can do it all. There are so many great reasons to utilize this but for me, it simply is organization and simplicity. I can sync my lists on multiple devices or share with a friend. I no longer leave my important note attached to my desk at work, it can be accessed anywhere.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s my favorite and why you should utilize this in your life.

  1. Collaborate with others on to-do lists

  2. Organize Life

  3. Notes can be transferred to a Google Doc with one click

  4. Quick and easy 

  5. Can access notes from multiple devices

  6. Reminders

  7. Voice and picture note

  8. Color Coded

My favorite thing about Google Keep is my app on my iPhone. I can type up my grocery list on my computer and pull it up on my cell phone at the grocery store. With having the app on my phone it automatically syncs to my computer or other devices, this is great when you find an article online or quote on Facebook that you want. You can copy the quote or article and open up the Keep app, paste it in and it automatically syncs to your computer. You no longer have to email the link or log back in under a different account. I have also utilized this as an agenda list for different meetings, we all collaborate on the single note, it is easy to update and gives us a go-to agenda for our meeting.

If you’re a Post-it note lover, you will be a big fan of Google Keep! Check it out for yourself.



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